HRSM Annual Meeting

SMHR 2012

The Human Rights & Social Media (HRSM) meeting is an annual event organized by the RFK Training Institute. Its objectives are advancing the understanding of the multiple aspects of the use and the impact of social media; contributing to the development of advanced tools and training tactics for human rights activists; and, in general to improving the effectiveness in advancing human rights through the use of social media.

Participants include academics, professionals and activists of international non-governmental organizations specialized in the use of social media for human rights, public and private research institutions, providers of hard and software and telecommunications access, activists, bloggers and journalists.

Every edition of the HRSM, besides the general approach, will have a specific focus. The second edition, scheduled to take place in the late autumn of 2013, will focus on Internet Freedom and Internet Security, examining how social media are creating new possibilities for digital activism as well as creating new threats and dangers to their work.

The first edition of the HRSM was held on 18 and 19 June 2012 at “Le Murate” in Florence.

Past event:

Human Rights and Social Media: Can Smart Dissidents Create Change? – Florence, 18 – 19 May 2012