Human Rights Affairs

Global Discussions on your Rights

Human Rights Affairs is a space conceived to provoke dialogues on current human rights issues and is directed to University Students present in Florence, human rights defenders around the world and general public interested in human rights issues. Taking advantage of high level human rights experts coming to Florence and convening others trough teleconference, this conversations are part of Dialogue Café and they are broadcast live here.

April 15, 6:30 PM CEST – Launch of HR Affairs

RFK International House, Via Ghibellina 12/a, Firenze

you can follow the conversation clicking here.

“Social Media & Human Rights for International Organizations”


How social media is helping human rights work? How international organizations working on human rights issues are using social media? What are the pros and cons? and the challenges?

A conversation with 

  • Santiago A. Canton – Director RFK Partners for Human Rights
  • Maria Isabel Rivero – Press Director of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
  • Ali Ravi – Senior Consultant – Digital Strategy, Security, Capacity.
  • Maya Derouaz – Social Media Manager OHCHR.
  • Laly Diubari – Communication Specialist at UNICEF

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Human Rights Tuesday Nights

Human Rights Tuesday Nights (HRTN) is a monthly event organized by the RFK Center / Europe since the beginning of 2012.

It’s objective is to discuss key topics of human rights with experts and journalists, relating general principles to specific issues and connecting to the Italian context and the citizenry of Florence.

It’s format is concise: every last Tuesday of the month a session of approx. 1.5 hours in which 2 to 3 experts (Italian and possibly international, e.g. from the RFK Center Partners for Human Rights (PHR) Program), chaired by an experienced (radio) host. For exactly 1 hour the session is transmitted live by “ControRadio”, a major Florentine radio station.

You can find here HRTN Podcasts.