RFK Training Institute published the report ‘A year in review 2014’

RFK Training Institute is a core program of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. During 2014, the RFK Training Institute organized a total of 9 activities included trainings, expert meetings and discussions on issues related to women rights, LGBT, freedom of expression, and human rights protection mechanisms. Trainees at RFK TI also received basic training on internet security. The Training Institute also co-organized a side event in Parallel to the UN Human Rights Council, participated in lectures at the European University Institute and conferences side by side with the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez.

It trained around 140 human rights defenders from 56 countries from all around the world including Chad, Cuba, Haiti, Western Sahara, Fiji, and Kyrgyzstan among many others. Trainings were conducted in English, Spanish and Russian. Participants included members of NGOs, journalists, judges, government officials, officials of inter-governmental organizations, University students, and PhD candidates. Professors included present and former UN Special Rapporteurs, like Juan Mendez, Frank La Rue and Martin Schinen, Members of Inter-Governmental organizations like Mr. Rafendi Djamin from the ASEAN Human Rights Commission and Ms. Valerie Couillard from the African Commission, Officials from Inter-Governmental organizations like Ms. Elizabeth Abi Mershed and Maria Isabel Rivero from the Inter-American Commission, Mr. Chaffi Bakari and Ms. Maya Derouaz from The Office of the High Commissioner, as well as University Professors, Clinical directors and many others. The training Institute team had one person for 6 months and 2 starting in July 2014.