Training Program on International Human Rights Protection Mechanisms

The organizers

The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (RobertF.KennedyCenter) was founded as a living memorial to the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. For over four decades, the RobertF.KennedyCenter has honoured journalists, literary professionals, and human rights activists who – often at great personal risk and sacrifice – operate on the front lines of the international human rights movement. RFK Partners for Human Rights (PHR) works alongside these courageous human rights defenders in a multitude of ways, from advising on litigation work and submitting legal petitions to regional mechanisms, to assisting with international advocacy initiatives and capacity building efforts. Combining a rights-based approach through multi-year partnerships with award laureates and other activists, PHR leverages its in-house legal and advocacy expertise and our organizational prestige to advance social justice goals around the world.

AU-WCL is renowned worldwide as a well-respected academic institution with specific expertise in human rights protection systems. AU-WCL annually hosts the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law that gathers human rights students and activists from around the world for a three-week intensive program. Numerous other human rights related programs at the law school, include the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, the War Crimes Research Office, the Impact Litigation Project, the UNCAT Clinic, and the Women in International Law Program, among others.