Training on the Due Diligence Framework to End Violence Against Women in the Age of the Digital Media

From November 10-13, the Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute and the Due Diligence Project co-organized a four-day workshop on the Due Diligence Framework to End Violence Against Women in the Digital Era. The Due Diligence Project is a global multi-year initiative to examine the Due Diligence Framework on State obligation to end violence against women. It involves a large number of countries and takes into account the different contexts in which stakeholders operate.

The event gathered women human rights defenders from some of the pilot countries implementing the project. Among them were Indonesia, Chad, India, Malaysia, USA, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Egypt. The training provided its participants with a better comprehension of the Due Diligence Principle and Framework, and the opportunity to discuss the instrumentalization and application of the process in the context of digital security. Sessions focused on integrating the Due Diligence Framework into new and existing strategies designed to eliminate violence committed against women. During the course, participants were also asked to work together to help facilitate and foster cooperation among national-level stakeholders pursing the same goal.


About the Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute

Inspired by Robert F. Kennedy’s belief that every individual can make a difference, the RFK Training Institute (RFK TI) in Florence, Italy, was established to provide a secure space where human rights defenders can further develop their skills, exchange information and best practices, and establish new partnerships to confront pressing human rights challenges around the world. RFK TI organizes trainings for human rights defenders covering diverse issues, including social media strategies, digital security, human rights protections mechanisms, immigration, freedom of expression, and the rights of women, LGBTI people, and indigenous communities.